Raquex Wristbands & Headband Set (Various Colours)

  • Suitable for all sports uses, particularly sports with regular arm movement
  • Designed in the UK
  • Absorbent cotton terry cloth stretchy material
  • Snug fit for improved balance & arm support
  • Highly absorbent, soft and hard wearing



Raquex pair of wristbands and a single matching blue headband, stitched with the “RX” logo (once on each sweatband).

Founded by a squash nut, who has an incredible passion for all racquet sports, Raquex is designed with the racquet enthusiast and pro in mind.

These wristbands complement the headbands perfectly. The soft cotton material prevents irritation, while the usual Raquex snug fit ensures no movement when being worn.

Having a wristband move around on your wrist when playing a shot can throw off your balance and precision. Micro-movements are hard to notice, but more noticeable in your accuracy when playing the shot. These wristbands prevent movement, without being too tight. They’re designed to loosen up very slightly after a couple of uses, where they then maintain tightness for a long life.

Wearing a single or a pair of wristbands can also change your feel when playing a shot. With the added support a wristband gives, our founder felt more comfortable wearing wristbands and as a result said his shots were slightly more accurate. Try wearing a single and a pair while playing your sport and see if you can notice an improvement in your game.

The headband is designed with the same logic – A snug fit to prevent movement, particularly for an accidental cover up over your eyes!

80% Cotton, 12% Spandex, 8% Nylon


Grey, Black, Blue, Pink, Red, White, Yellow




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