Who is Raquex?

Close up of tennis court, with tennis ball and blue tennis racquet with a black grip

racquet & hockey sports

Specialising in products
to equip you for the win

This specialism came from our founder, who has a true passion for these sports, starting at an early age. He grew up playing squash at a county level and even had the chance to compete in an England tournament.

It’s this passion for sports, and a realisation that some products to support the sports needed to change, that created Raquex.

catering for all levels

From beginners to professionals.

We believe all levels of players should have the same access and same ability to use the best quality products.

Our goals are clear: Complete customer satisfaction, and only creating exceptional products that everyone can use, nothing less.

It's not just about the best gear

build a community of racquet sports enthusiasts

While we focus on our goals to make you the best products on the market, we’re also aiming to build a community of racquet sports enthusiasts and help players to improve their skills


and reach their full potential. By working with our customers, partners, and supporting charities, we believe that our products and support can get more players playing, and take their game to the next level.

Tennis racquet handles in a bag, with various colours of tennis racquet grip tape
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