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Who is Raquex?

Close up of tennis court, with tennis ball and blue tennis racquet with a black grip

racquet & hockey sports


Rooted in a profound passion for racquet and hockey sports, Raquex epitomises the essence of sporting luxury. Founded by Olly, whose unwavering devotion to these disciplines traces back to his early years, excelling in squash at a county level and even had the opportunity to play in an England tournament, it is this intimate connection with the sports, coupled with a discerning eye for innovation, that propelled Paul to envision Raquex. Recognising a gap in the market for premium products that truly enhance the sporting experience, UK-based Raquex was born from the desire to redefine excellence in racket and hockey sports equipment and accessories.

Raquex’s steadfast focus is creating standout products that empower athletes to succeed. Its meticulously crafted collections reflect the fusion of enthusiasm and drive and a commitment to innovation and excellence. Every Raquex product exudes the essence of sporting luxury, from precision-engineered racquets to cutting-edge sports bags, all in the unyielding pursuit of winning.

catering for all levels

From beginners to professionals.

At Raquex, we are committed to our belief that every player, regardless of their level or ability, deserves access to the best premium sports equipment and accessories. Our mission is driven by a commitment to inclusivity and excellence, ensuring that all athletes can elevate their game with the finest equipment available. Raquex’s goals are clear: We are dedicated to providing complete customer satisfaction, focusing on crafting exceptional products that meet the diverse needs of players across the spectrum. At Raquex, we set our goals high, striving to deliver nothing less than the best to every individual who seeks to excel in their sport.

It's not just about the best gear


At Raquex, the focus extends beyond offering the finest gear; it encompasses building a thriving community of racquet sports enthusiasts. While the brand remains steadfast in its commitment to producing top-quality products, its vision also includes nurturing an environment where players can flourish and enhance their skills.

Through collaboration with customers, partners, and charitable organisations, Raquex endeavours to empower more individuals to embrace racquet sports and unlock their full potential. Together, Raquex believes its products and collective support can ignite newcomers to take up racquet sports and inspire existing players to elevate their game, reaching unprecedented levels of success.

Tennis racquet handles in a bag, with various colours of tennis racquet grip tape
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