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Raquex Compression Arm Sleeves (Pair)

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  • Moisture-wicking material
  • UPF 40+ Sun protection
  • Non-slip material around the bicep
  • Supplied as a pair in recyclable cardboard gift packaging
  • Material: 95% polyester and 5% spandex
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Offer both good value for money and good support

Arm sleeves are a common sight on cyclists in Spring and Autumn to keep the arms warm on chilly mornings until the sun doers it‚Äôs job. They are also used by tennis players, football players and a multiple of other sports such as golf or squash. Most merely cover the arms to keep them warm or cool dependent on colour, and potentially protected from fierce ultraviolet rays which can burn arms even when protected by sun cream. This pair of Raquex‚Ñ¢ arm sleeves is a little different, because aside from doing the jobs mentioned these are compression sleeves, giving sore muscles some support (the well known tennis elbow being one such issue), promoting blood circulation and helping muscles to recover from serious workouts by offering support. Offered for review under the Amazon Vine programme, it was that additional feature which attracted me over and above the many pairs of arm sleeves I possess.The sleeves are available in a choice of five colours: black, navy blue, light blue, orange and red, so there‚Äôs some ability to match a particular set of kit if you play or ride for a club. I followed the measurements in the provided sizing chart carefully, measuring around biceps and wrist to identify medium would be best. I chose black as most practical, able to match most kits. The sleeves aren‚Äôt entirely black, featuring a distinctive fading grey pattern and an ‚ÄúR‚Äù logo near the top which is replicated throughout the available colour choices. The tops are held up by a well stitched in set of gripper dots which ensure the sleeves stay where placed and don‚Äôt roll or inch down. Unlike many arm warmers they are not a complete tube, made the same way many T-shirts are in a continuous run. Rather they are machine stitched down the entire length of each sleeve, which will leave an imprint on your arm. All the stitching is well rendered however, with no obvious loose threads.The first thing to state is that, like arm warmers they are tight, but noticeably tighter ‚Äì not uncomfortably so, but giving a definite level of support. They are not unduly thick however, rather it seems to be a function of the weave or material used ‚Äì 95% polyester, 5% Spandex‚Ñ¢ (or Lycra‚Ñ¢ to a UK audience) which gives a stretch. By contrast cycling shorts and arm warmers seem to settle on 10-20% Lycra content, and it is this low percentage that offers the support. In use I found that they kept the arms from burning, both from muscles working and from the occasional long morning in the saddle on some already sunny days. The product information states that they offer an ultraviolet protection factor of 40+. As someone who is relatively pale skinned and who slathers with factor 50 on warm days to stop burning that‚Äôs a good feature.The sleeves are machine washable, with washing instructions shown on the simple cardboard packaging which as a committed recycler is a real bonus, easily recycled at the kerbside. They are:‚Ä¢ Wash at 30¬?C (standard for Lycra sportswear)‚Ä¢ Do not iron‚Ä¢ Do not bleach‚Ä¢ Do not tumble dry‚Ä¢ Do not dry cleanHowever they wash simply and easily in a standard household wash, and came up clean easily ‚Äì little more off-putting than items looking shabby and grey after a few washing cycles and I‚Äôm happy to report these come up fine.Although I no longer time trial these would be a boon for turning a short-sleeved skin suit into a long-sleeved equivalent to reduce wind resistance, which is just the sort of marginal gain time triallists are notorious for seeking out. In use they offer warmth and are indeed supportive, staying where placed. If you are the type of athlete who likes to keep going like the Duracell‚Ñ¢ bunny even when muscles are sore and aching these sleeves will assist you to train when your body is telling you to stop. At ¬£13.99 they offer both good value for money and good support.

Reviewed on Amazon

w whoknows746


Useful sleeves

Very useful compression sleeves.Ideal for injuries as well as more widespread pain, for temporary pain relief.Well made, durable material, and well cut with even stitching.Arrived well packaged.

Reviewed on Amazon

B BookReader


Great for repetitive action

Used this for bowling in the nets, reduced tiredness

Reviewed on Amazon

n noddyclock


Nice colours

The media could not be loaded.  I suffer with a slightly painful elbow after playing racquet ballot squash so I thought I would give one of these a tryI appreciate they come in pairs but I bought them to use one.At the time of the review they airs a little over £12 a pairI opted for the light blue mediumMeasurements are16inches long but will stretchTop has silicone grip inside and initially 11cm wideBottom or cuff end is 8cm but doesn’t stretch muchSo the video tells the story really.I hope you find the video and my review useful. It will take a few weeks playing to see if I get any benefit for a compression sock

Reviewed on Amazon

N Neminem


Form-fitting and comfortable.

The general problem with compression sleeves is fitting, it’s either too tight in the forearms or too loose on the wrist; however, these sleeves are different. At least from my experience, these sleeves are form-fitting and give support and warmth while I’m on my long cycle rides.But to complain about praises only. Very good indeed.

Reviewed on Amazon

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Raquex Arm Sleeves

Raquex’s arm compression sleeves are made using premium quality, moisture wicking material, and provide excellent muscle and joint support when playing sports. These arm sleeves feature a non slip section at the top of the arm to ensure it doesn’t move while exercising. They’re perfect to help relieve pain caused by tennis elbow, pain in forearms, biceps and triceps, relieving pain caused by tendonitis and joint pains, and aid with circulation and help to reduce swelling. Our arm sleeves support muscles and joints, making them ideal football compression sleeves, tennis compression sleeves, basketball compression sleeves as well as for use in many other sports to support and prevent injury.

Ideal for both men and women, Raquex’s arm compression garment also makes the perfect gift or present for Christmas and birthdays for sport mad friends and family!



MEASUREMENT Length Bicep Wrist
Small 40.5cm 22cm 14cm
Medium 41.5cm 24cm 16cm
Large 43cm 26cm 18cm
Extra Large 45cm 28cm 20cm

The circumferences are the measurements of the openings of the arm sleeves. This means you’ll want an opening smaller than your arm, to create some compression. As an example, if your bicep measures 26cm relaxed, the Small or Medium sizes would be best suited as they are 24cm or 22cm at the bicep. Size down for more compression. All sizes are approximate.


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