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Raquex Tennis String Dampener in Yellow

  • Raquex racket string dampener provided as a pack of 2 – an effective and purposeful vibration dampener, suitable for all tennis racquets
  • A high quality dampener using premium materials, designed first and foremost for maximum shock absorption, while still maintaining feel and control through the strings
  • Universal size with a snug fit to prevent the dampener falling off from the strings
  • These shock absorbers are provided in 100% recyclable cardboard packaging. No plastic packaging here.
  • Raquex is a British brand with all stock in the UK and a commitment to customer satisfaction, designing high quality sports products to help make a difference in your game
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Raquex racquet string dampener, designed to reduce the shock and vibrations produced by racquet strings. Available in four colours (black, blue, red and yellow), this is the ideal accessory for your tennis racquet, and even for squash racquets and more.

Each pack comes with 2 dampeners in a single package.

Designed in the UK, this shock absorber has been produced with exactly that in mind – to absorb as much vibration as possible, without taking the feel and control from the strings. The dampeners have a snug fit between the strings, meaning they are less likely to fall off the strings when in use compared to most other brands, and has allowed us to design the dampener in such a way that gives improved performance over others.

We use 100% recyclable cardboard packaging (no plastic), which can be recycled curb-side with your household recycling.





1 review for Raquex Tennis String Dampener in Yellow

  1. Eulalie

    Very versatile

    I bought this tape to use on the handles of my Nordic walking poles after the original cork grip wore through. I found the tape a bit fiddly to apply but that was probably just be my ineptitude rather than the product. The tape has made the grips thicker and more cushioned which works very well for me as I often use them for 3 hours. The main tape has stayed in place well, although the black finishing tape is starting to peel a bit after many miles of use. I highly recommend this product and have bought more for my spare poles as they feel really uncomfortable without the modification.

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