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Raquex Endure Overgrips (3 Pack)


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  • Overgrip designed for tennis, squash and badminton racquets, as well as other racquet sports
  • Slightly tacky finish with a soft feel
  • High level of durability thanks to our own premium material construction
  • 0.75mm thickness, 115cm length, 26mm width
  • Supplied as a pack of 3
  • Apply over the top of your existing base grip
  • Anti-slip material
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P PTS Sinclair


Not The Thickest But Do A Decent Job- Good Value For Three

I have about 3 rackets 2 x tennis and 1 Badminton that required a reaper to the grips. I saw these were available and thought I’d give them a try.They arrived in a small neat wrap packaging. Reading the blurb they are a Uk company so that is a positive from my perspective as I like to support Uk businesses.After cleaning the old grip material I set to work fitting the new ones.First of all I nearly threw away the tape that held them together, luckily I didn’t as this is required for securing the final end wrap in place.I also had to completely unravel the new grip material to get at the start , which is clearly marked with “start’ and a small adhesive strip to hold in place on the racket handle when starting to wind it round.I found the trick wa stop stretch it fairly hard (but not overly) and make sure the overlapping edge clears the “Raquel” logo therefore overlapping by about 1/8-1/4 of an inch.It is necessary to cut the end portion where it finishes on the racket off at an it folds straight. The first time I did iy the craft knife blade was not sharp enough as the material ids very flexible and unless the blade is very sharp will move and pucker rather than cut.I had to be careful putting the black end tape with the Raquex logo on as the first one I overstretched it by pulling it too tight. It just requires a gentle stretch as you peel off the backing strip to adhere to the racket and top end of the grip.There is a QR code to get the fitting instructions on the box. if in any doubt, but I found it fairly straight forward to do.They seem to do a decent job and give a good tacky feel to the grip. It took me around an hour to do all three.In summary fairly decent, but not the thickest material to be fair. Time will tell but pretty good price for 3 grips in my opinion. ( ¬£7.99 at the time of the review).

Reviewed on Amazon

S Sunny J


Super grippy and not that hard to put on

I put off trying to put this on my sons tennis ticket for a while as I assumed it would be tricky to do, and yes to the expert eye I probably didn’t do the best job but there are 3 rolls in the pack so I’ll have 2 more attempts if need be.Tennis racket feels great now

Reviewed on Amazon

P Paul R


Good replacement

I used this to replace the grip on my Carlton badminton racket. Reasonably easy to apply, just take your time. There was enough on the roll to provide a 50% overlap with plenty left over. I applied this directly over the Carlton original grip tape, that way I could go back if needed.The yellow that i got looks pretty good, and stands out nicely. Grip seems good, and it’s nice and comfortable in the hand. Hopefully it should remain that way when my hands get a little sweaty mid rally.

Reviewed on Amazon

T The Lone Hiker


Good for extra grip.

Good quality tape… Could be used on anything really that you need extra grip on I tried it on a axe and shovel… Did the job nicely its gunned me extra grip and both items feel more secure and comfortable to work with now…

Reviewed on Amazon



A budget racket grip tape

This overgrip works as expected. As usual it has self-adhesive on the start end of the tape (narrow end). Wrapping the racket handle from its bottom and ending the wrapping near the shaft, a separate sticky tape was included for fixing the wrapping end. I used this tape for badminton racket and noticed that the tape was a bit longer for badminton racket. The tape is soft and functions well for vibration damping.This tape is thin, so only suitable for overgrip wrapping. Pay attention not to mix this tap with a thick racket tape which is used for wrapping on the wooden handle of a racket.

Reviewed on Amazon

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Where endurance meets comfort

Raquex Endure

Raquex’s Endure overgrip tape is the perfect choice for players looking for a more durable, thicker grip for their sports equipment, providing the reliable performance that Raquex’s overgrip tapes deliver. Our racquet over grip tape anti slip is 0.75mm thick and comes in an pack of three, in a choice of eight colours, ready to match your style or mood. Colours include: Black, White, Yellow, Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Lilac, and Deep Purple. Our tennis racquet overgrip tape is perfect for restoring old, worn-out racket grips, and it’s also great for badminton and squash rackets too, as well as many other sports rackets and bats.

Raquex’s overgrip tape is highly absorbent and exceptionally durable thanks to the dry feel, providing optimal comfort and control during gameplay. Crafted from super-soft PU material, Raquex’s Endure overgrip tape feels comfortable on the hands. So, whether you need grip tape for tennis racket, badminton racket overgrip or sport grip tape for other sports and applications, trust in Raquex’s overgrip tape to restore and maintain full control and comfort during play and don’t let your racket’s grip hinder your game’s performance.

How to fit a tennis, badminton or squash overgrip

The grip is pre-cut and has a handy ‘Start’ printed on the end you fit to the handle first. Each grip comes with a finishing tape to secure the top of the grip firmly in place.

Applying over the top of an existing base grip, apply the self-adhesive start end (removing the protective film) to the base of your handle and then securely wrap in an anti-clockwise direction around the racket handle, securing it with the finishing tape supplied.



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