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Built from a passion for racquet and hockey sports, Raquex embodies excellence in every swing.

Elevate your game with our unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional products.

Our superior gear isn’t just equipment; it’s the winning edge, propelling you to victory and making your mark on the court.

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Racquet Grip FAQs

If you prefer a thicker handle and play frequently, and like to keep replacing your grip frequently, an overgrip may be for you. Replacement grips last longer, are thicker and have better cushioning, but cost more per grip. If you need any guidance on which is right for you, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

How often you replace your racquet grip depends a lot on how often you play, and also the type of grip you use (replacement grip or overgrip). As a general rule of thumb, replace your grip when it shows signs of wear or loses its tackiness and feels like it may slip, or every 3 months since you first started using it, to keep any dirt or bacteria at bay.

Yes! Raquex grips are suitable as a tennis racket grip, a badminton racket grip, or a squash racket grip. It’s also perfect for padel racquets, and our customers use our grips for a wide range of other uses too

Yes! Each Raquex racket grip includes grip finishing tape. It’s the black ribbon wrapped around the width of the grip with ‘RAQUEX’ in white writing.

Our replacement grips have self-adhesive underneath. All our overgrips have a small piece of self-adhesive at the starting end only – this is normal for overgrips as they are held in place through tension and friction on top of the base grip.

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