Raquex Universal Cloth Tape for Sports

  • NON-SLIP CLOTH TAPE – For an improved grip on your sporting equipment with a natural feel. Ideal for extending the life of your hockey stick, tennis racquet or other sports items.
  • WATER RESISTANT – With an IP rating of 2/3, Raquex cloth tape is resistant against water spray to keep your handle firm and long-lasting even in wet conditions.
  • STRONG – Ensuring your racquet or stick handle remains firm through every game, this cloth tape has a tensile strength of 200N per 25mm – that’s enough to lift 4 tins of paint, but means the tape has the strength to hold up well against your sports uses.
  • FOR EVERY SPORT – As well as being available in multiple colours options, Raquex tape extends life and improves grip of hockey sticks, tennis racquets, badminton or squash grips, baseball bats, skipping ropes, fishing rods, or even bike handlebars, to name a few.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL – Extra-long, 25 meters length by 25mm width, to suit all hockey sticks or rackets.



The perfect tape for a naturally strong grip of your sporting equipment. It’s the easiest way to extend the life of your rackets or sticks, or give a better feel to your other sporting equipment, with a strong tape that will last through all types of games. Even in some of the more unpleasant conditions, the tape won’t slip due to its water resistance – perfect for field or ice hockey, sweating hands on a squash court, or in the drizzling rain with your cricket bat.

This tape will fit all types of equipment – it comes in an extra-long 25 meters length, by 25mm width – simply cut to the desired length. It’s made from a cotton and polyester blend, produced in just the right way to give maximum durability. Available in a range of colours: black, blue, pink, red, yellow and white.

Although this is ideal for wrapping hockey sticks, sporting racquets and bats, the possibilities are endless with a simple yet trustworthy cloth tape. You’ll be able to regrip your fishing rod, skipping rope, or even bike handles.


Black, Blue, Pink, Red, White, Yellow




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