Raquex Racquet Ridged Overgrip 5 Pack – Multicoloured or Black

  • RACKET OVERGRIP TAPE – Raquex’s pack of 5 racquet overgrip tapes are the perfect solution for worn racket grips to provide an immediate super comfortable, anti-slip surface for maximum control, the ideal tennis racquet overgrip tape or replacement overgrip for badminton, squash and other racket sports. Comes in a pack of 5 in blue, red, yellow, orange and black.
  • MAXIMUM CONTROL & COMFORT – Raquex’s premium squash racket overgrip, also perfect for tennis and badminton rackets, features a distinctive ridged design on the rear for added comfort and control with the ridges fitting between each finger for additional grip. This is partnered with breathable perforations to help keep palms fresh and prevent odour. Racquex’s unique arrow pattern design also helps direct sweat away from the surface to deliver additional and sustained control.
  • PREMIUM OVERGRIP TAPE – Raquex over grip tape for sports rackets such as badminton, squash and tennis is made from a superior quality PU material that’s super soft, absorbent and grippy, providing for longer, comfortable play. And, being an overgrip, it’s the perfect cost-effective remedy to repair worn-out racket grips instantly.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL – Completely universal, our tennis, squash and badminton racket overgrip comes in an extra long length of 110cm that can be cut to size. Each overgrip tape features a self adhesive start and comes with finishing tape to secure the end for maximum stability. It can also be used for other applications, such as bicycle handlebars and fishing rods; its uses are truly endless.
  • UK SPORTS BRAND – Raquex is a UK sports brand that specialises in racquet sports and offers premium quality sports products and gift sets for both professional athletes and those who enjoy sports as a leisurely pastime or outdoor activity. All Raquex products are designed and stocked in the UK.



Raquex’s overgrip tape for tennis rackets, squash rackets, badminton rackets and other racquet sports is a highly absorbent and grippy ridged over tape delivering the perfect cost-effective remedy for old, worn racket grips. Raquex’s pack of five racket overgrips comes in blue, red, yellow, orange and black, and features a ridged element on the underside of the grip, creating more depth to the grip for your fingers to hold more firmly. This provides ultimate comfort and control. The arrow pattern directs sweat away from the surface of the grip, to keep palms fresh and prevent odour. Whether you’re looking for a squash, badminton or tennis racket overgrip tape replacement, Raquex’s anti slip overgrip is also super soft for comfort and a cost-effective solution for worn-out racket grips to get them quickly and easily restored for full control and comfort.

Each pack of 5 is supplied in recyclable cardboard outer packaging to help do our small part in reducing plastic, but also being perfect as a gift box.

Raquex Overgrip Tape is a replacement sports racquet tape that you wrap over the top of your old, worn grip tape, or simply over the top of any existing grip to provide a chunkier feel. It comes in a 110cm length and can be cut to the required size. To use, simply unwind the grip from the packaging, find the self-adhesive ‘Start’ tapered end, and then securely wrap in a clockwise motion around the racket handle from the bottom of the handle, working your way up, and secure it with the Raquex finishing tape supplied at the top. Ensure the ridge on the underside is placed onto the handle, and not facing outwards.


Multicoloured, Black




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