Raquex Explode Squash Racquet

  • A lightweight yet powerful racquet, designed to get the most accuracy and power from your game
  • For intermediate or professional players
  • Made from superior carbon fibre
  • Weighs just 145g fully strung, with the balance weighted to the head
  • Fitted with our leading Raquex grip, giving optimal control, feel and durability
  • Strung with professional tournament/training multifilament strings in a V-pattern for maximum control and power
  • Supplied with a full length Raquex squash racquet cover with adjustable shoulder strap


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This Raquex ‘Explode’ squash racquet has been made to give your game some fire power. It’s lightweight yet powerful construction, made using our high quality weave of superior carbon fibre allows you to respond quicker, but still give you the power you need, even from a shorter swing.

The balance is weighted towards the head to give even more power, whilst our leading Raquex grip ensures the racquet stays firmly in your hand.

The racquet is supplied strung with multifilament 1.2mm strings with a tension of 60lbs. The V-pattern in the strings focuses control to the sweet spot.

The racquet is supplied with a full length Raquex cover with an adjustable shoulder strap.

String pattern: 14 x 19. Head area: 75.62 inch. Balance: 363mm.